CC11HS and CC11DS is shippable now !

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  • CC11HS and CC11DS is shippable now !


    2nd generation Cable Clicker CC11HS (HDMI version) and CC11DS (DisplayPort version) is shippable now !

    CC11HS and CC11DS is the Globally-First design for 4K-loop Cable Clicker. It provides the unparalleled click to step-in display and press & hold to full-screen display switching experience,  which co-works with full ranges of Grastron scaler switchers, at 1.5s switching time. Featured by single dual-color back-lit LED indicator, aluminum enclosure, and globally-first cable lockable design, it offers the best "Switch-to-Start" meeting / presentation / collaboration experience.


    For example, the diagram with MS741 is shown as bellow:

    Selection switch mode:

    Multiviewer selection switch mode:

    The Cable Controller shipment package for MS741 includes 4xCC11HS, 2xCC11DS, and two screw drivers. 

    The Cable controller shipment package for PS711 includes 4xCC11HS, 1xCC11DS, and two screw drivers. 

    Released by Grastron Sales Team